the song is my lover

On Friday night, I did my last mic check on CGCC's stage, where I also did my first mic check ever. On Friday night, I had my last curtain call behind those curiously colored purple drapes in the PAC. On Friday night, I sang and danced my little heart out. It was a good Friday night.

So Pirates is over - and I'm kind of glad to be done with that ridiculous daughter that I was playing. Shrieking and giggling and swooning are all well and good, but it can make my social life a little awkward when the extremities of the daughter-ness start rubbing off into everyday life. Hopefully I'll resume my normal level of social interactions now.

Yesterday was a big day too - I had my senior pictures taken by the absolutely fantastic Kate, voice lessons, a huge farewell party at my house for some church friends, and a dance at a local LDS stake center.

Let me just say - I love dancing.

I'm a terrible dancer. I trip, and step on people, and talk too loud, and giggle too much. But I love every minute of it. And now I love it more.

Because last night - I got dipped.

I've never been kissed, but I think being dipped is like being kissed. The world just swirls around you, and all you know is that you feel beautiful and you should be sprawled on the ground, but instead you're being supported and protected.

I don't really know the guy who I was dancing with, and I'm not attracted to him or anything - and that made the experience even more special. Just a guy, being a gentleman and a good dancer, and no unwanted overtones to ruin the experience.

So spring break started off on a good note - full of singing and dancing and loving life.

Oh, and a great service at Praxis this morning!


  1. Oh, Becca. How I love you!

    Isn't dancing so amazing? Especially when you are with someone who knows what he's doing - it's so fun and you feel so beautiful, even if you don't even know your partner! :P I wish I could do more of it. I can't wait to take ballroom dance here at college, at some point, for my p.e. credit!

    Oh. I miss you.

  2. Hi, Becky! Always love reading your blog! Thanks so much for hosting a lovely evening last night - I saw you from a distance but didn't manage to say hi. I hope you all are well! We miss you!

  3. oh I adored this post. what a dear spirit you've got! and oh-my-goodness being dipped is the best. keep dancing dear.