Elegant Life

I secretly lurk fashion blogs.


I just love living in style - approaching each day with elegance and deliberation. To me, carefully choosing my clothing helps me to remember to keep each day grounded in order and beauty. And that's not a terrible thing at all.

And today, while browsing the Sartorialist, I stumbled across these two images:

Aren't they delicious? I love the easy way they wear what we would now call formal clothes. This man and this woman just inhabit elegance, embracing respectability and presentability. And they give off such a demure, well-collected aura.

This is how I want to live life - calm, peaceful, and beautiful.


  1. gahhh. why, why miss starry wonder was I not born in that by-gone age of elegance?! :)

  2. Tell us some of your favorites! :)

    I am just getting into decorating blogs. :)

  3. Diana - I really like thesartorialist for just beautiful inspiration, but my guilty pleasure is collegefashion.net

    Oh goodness. I can't believe I just admitted that.

    And Miss Durer... we need you to make our abominably modern era more beautiful!