Another Opening of Another Show!

"I thank you God for this most amazing day, for the leaping greenly spirits of trees, and for the blue dream of sky and for everything which is natural, which is infinite, which is yes." ~ ee cummings

I'm thanking God today for legs that can dance and jump, for a voice that can sing and shout, for eyes that can see and perceive, and for a heart that can love and enjoy. I'm thanking Him for bright lights in my face, for a mic by my mouth, for a costume on my body, and for fake curls in my hair.

"I imagine that yes is the only living thing." ~ ee cummings

Singing. Dancing. Acting.


I feel alive - so alive, so happy. (so tired)

And I get to do it all again tonight.


  1. You cross your fingers, and hold your heart - another opening of another show! AHHH, I'm so excited for you, my dear Becca. I know exactly what you mean - that strange emotion where everything simply swells and soars around you - the music, the audience, the thrill coursing through your fellow actors - and you find yourself simply flying, feet on the stage but head among the stars :) I hope tonight and the rest of your shows are as incredibly amazing!

    And I wanted to say how much I loved your last post. I've actually tried to comment three times, but the stupid computer keeps eating them. Anyway...just I have that vision too. Good artists making good art for the glory of God. Doesn't have to be labeled Christian to bring Him honor and glory - just making our very best, and bringing light into the dark places. And I know that you are, and will be, a brilliant light in the midst of all those shiny stage lights :)

  2. Aw, thank you Megan. I'm so glad to have a friend like you who understands my strange addiction to this thing called theatre! :) Love lots!