It's a most wonderful time of the year

So, wearing long skirts on rainy days with gentle breezes: definitely a yes. So romantical.

In honor of the beautiful spring weather, I wrote a poem! Here it is:

It's a silly time of year,
Raindrops dancing from clouds so sheer.

Boing! You can't help but laugh along,
As the sky sings its Spring-time song.

Somedays it's chilly, sometimes it's hot,
And inevitably you dress for what it's not.

But splashing in puddles and warming in sunshine,
Make March and April favorite months of mine.

Summer is nice with swimming and all,
But the giggles of Spring so loudly call!

When else can you skip and jump and hop,
And never worry about needing to stop?

Cause springy air makes everyone happy,
So here's to Spring, when no one can feel crappy.

:) Hope you have a day full of laughter and niceness.


  1. You used a couple ideas from that poem you wrote last Saturday. :D

    I liked the line "And inevitably you dress for what it's not," made me laugh.

  2. well, actually, Josh, I wrote this one first. So orientation poem stole from this poem :) But i kept it all in the family, so it's ok, right?