'Tis the Season, Apparently!

Well, I promise I didn't start this blog to be my whining space online, but it *is* about my life and sometimes negative things happen in sequence... ok, lame excuse for another sad post. But anyway...

Yesterday afternoon I received a letter that I had not been selected for a scholarship I honestly thought I had a great chance of getting. The scholarship was "above and beyond," including not only tuition, room, and board, but also overseas experiences and mentorships with many fascinating people. My older sister had applied (and made it to the semi-final rounds) four years ago, and I have been hoping for it ever since. Not to be, apparently.

I can laugh now, thinking about what a traumatic week this has been. I always tell my friends that I don't understand why my life is so perfect: it definitely didn't feel perfect for the past four days. LOL - I am definitely capitalizing on this brief "suffering" experience.

But the reason I posted this is because of a happy thing that's come from all this negative angst in my spirit.

Love, sweet love.

My family has been just incredible through this. Let's see what all they've done... on Wednesday when I found out about the first dream-not-come-true, they cleaned my room and did my laundry. On Thursday, they made me popcorn and did all the housework. On Friday, they let me pick the movie and made *more* popcorn. On Saturday, my dad took me to a Met opera stream at AMC. Then last night, my sister made me the most incredible card/poem/wall hanging thingamabopper. I am so blessed by them - in all times, but especially in the hard ones.

My church family has been amazing as well - everyone at church was so concerned about me this morning, and made sure to shower extra love on me. How awesome :)

And last but for sure not least, my network of friends from the homeschool world and my CGCC world are *so* supportive. My fb has been showered with encouraging messages, posts, and chats.

I am one blessed little girl, that's for sure. Even though sometimes dreams fall from the skies above, I have been provided with what matters most - a Savior who loves me, and people who love me. In this safety net, I can never truly be shaken.

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