A Falling Star

It's only when we learn to dance upon the ground,
That we can ever hope to fly among the stars.

So sweet one, though ripe and wild do dreams abound,
Know that what is most precious is already in your heart.

For the High King above, by whose power the sunsets were made,
Upon your heart the holiest blessing has lovingly laid.

For what fiery orb in the heavens above,
Could ever compare to the wonders of Christ-love?

So today, one of my long-cherished dreams ... didn't come true.

I'm being dramatic, but it really did hurt quite a bit. It's doubly hard, because the dream did come true for several of my dear friends, and I am getting a needed lesson in humility. I went for a walk with God today (I talk to Him best when I'm out in nature), and He reminded me that His love determines my worth and my joy, not what I do hear on this earth. I trust Him with my heart and with my dreams. I really do. And now is my chance to show that trust.

I have a couple goals for next semester, based (some of them) on this un-blossomed dream:

1) Enjoy myself even when not the center of attention - ok, that sounds terrible. But honestly, I think I did enjoy last semester so much because I was always in the limelight. I won't be (at all) this semester, and that will be sooo good for me.

2) Encourage others, and don't be jealous of them! I shouldn't let my own disappointments hinder my encouragement of my friends.

3) Base my sense of identity on Christ's sacrifice for me, not on my voice - too often, I get my confidence from the fact that I can sing. That is not a lasting or an appropriate measure of worth.

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  1. oh you sweet heartfelt bird fluttering in the expansive sky. someday we'll talk the night away with dreams and heartache and hope: My favorite subjects. My love and hugs,