Just a small halo, please!

Can't you just picture Jesus in heaven getting ready to come down to earth? "Please God, I'd like to have a small halo for while I'm down there... just so everyone is absolutely sure of Who I am."

No. Of course not. Jesus came in a manger, so devoid of any heavenly glory, most people mistook Him for just an ordinary baby.

Let this mind be in me, Lord!

I get worried pretty easily that people don't realize how amazing I am - if I'm having an off-day singing, I make sure I let everyone know that I'm really better than that; I explain I'm sick, or tired, or something... just so everyone is absolutely sure of what I can do.

I'm learning some lessons in pride these days, and it is such a Christmasy lesson to learn! For Christ demonstrated the noblest of humility when He came - giving His life not only at the end on the cross, but every day of His earthly life, as He walked about in the dirt and dust of common, human life.

I'm going to try to stock up on some of that kind of Christmas spirit!


  1. never apologize for who you are. Because I like who you are.

  2. Becca, thank you for being such a wise and wonderful person. The whole "making sure that everyone knows how wonderful I am" thing - yeah, I'm right there with you. It must be a singer thing :P