New Poem!

Ok, it's actually not new. I wrote it last April, but it's a little different from the kinds of poems I'm used to writing, so I was a little afraid to share it. But here it is - so be nice to it! :)

I walked to the edge of the sea,
And dipped my toes in the surf.
Touching the ocean is (to me)
Something like tasting a dream.

I crept up and sat by a lark,
Memorized its tremulous strains.
Hearing its song, even in part,
Is something like seeing through the dark.

I lay down beneath a pine,
Observed the branches and boughs.
Following each twisted vine,
Is something like tasting good wine.

I knelt beside a rose,
Closed my eyes and breathed.
Smelling such perfume, so close,
Is something like inhaling a poem.

I gathered courage to hold your hand,
To feel the softness of your fingers; which,
Intertwined together as we stand,
Look something like a wedding band.

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