Much much to busy for you!

I'm ornery. And I wish I could say that as cutely and wonderfully as my dear friend A can. But I can't. I'm just plain old, unromantically, and completely ornery.

I won't regale you with the long list of to-dos I'm facing, but it involves work, school, and music. I won't tell you all about each and every one of my classes, but I will say that my grades aren't as peachy keen as they should be. And I most certainly won't tell you about everything I'm singing these days (what? Me? Talk about singing? ha!), but somehow I sing and sing for hours every day and still haven't practiced everything I need to know.

Part of me is in love with this life. I relish the wonderful new things I'm learning, I enjoy dashing about from place to place feeling full of purpose. Singing, especially in choir, every day is a pure delight, and I wouldn't trade it in for anything else.

But, the other part of me is worn-out, anxious about GPAs and scholarships and futures, annoyed with circumstances that are out of my control, and ready to call in quits.

No! I won't give in! God and I will soldier through this stressful time. You know, I'll look back on my senior year and I know I'll only remember the wonderful moments.

Like, I'll remember the thrills I get in choir whenever we sing an incredible arrangement of How Can I Keep from Singing.

And I'll remember the laughter and general warmth I share with my music friends at school.

I'll remember nights spent writing poetry and laughing with my sister.

I'll remember how God revealed Himself to me in brand-new and exciting ways, even while I was completely looking the opposite direction.

But for today. tonight. tomorrow.

I'm ornery.


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